Yes, the Series 4 bags have codes just like the Series 3 ones have. However, it seems they are even harder to see now than they were with Series 3. Yesterday I noticed a thing that might explain why sometimes it is nigh impossible to read the bump codes and sometimes not so hard; The bottom seal is sometimes cut so that most of the code is gone. Check this image:

Two Series 4 seal cuts

Watch out for when there's not enough of the bottom seal left for the bump codes to be readable.

I doubt this is the whole story behind “there seems to be different codes between different batches”, but it sure is important to know about this.

Once you have selected a pack that has enough fold left it’s time to start Mini Collector up. =) It uses these codes to help you keep track of your collection and avoid buying duplicates. It looks like so on the iPhone:

Some of the more similar patterns are grouped together.

This article started out as a question. Kept below.

Series 4 Screenshot

Series 4 on your iPhone

As I am at work with adding Series 4 support to Mini Collector, I wonder if anyone has seen or heard anything about a dot/bump code on the orange blind packs? If you have or if you do, please holler my way.

Another question: What do you call those codes?  I call them “bump codes”, but I’ve also seen “dot codes”. Are there more names for it?