NB: See the Series 5 Codes and Reveal Guide which combines the codes with instructions on how to feel the bag for each figure. It’s also much better suited for printing.

With the help of a lot of you guys I’ve been able to put together the following Series 5 codes sheet. As far as I know Jan, Jørgen, shun and I have beaten the whole world to being first to publish the Series 5 codes. Note that for most figures two code variants have been discovered. Add to that that the codes are often printed in mirror and we get four codes per figure:

Click to get instructions on how to feel the bags for each figure.

I have a bag containing the Gangster where the codes look a bit different from above. But I think it is just a bad print. But we’ll find out I guess. Maybe the Gangster is just mean. =)

There’s a new version of  Mini Collector for iPhone on the App Store, just saying’ =)

Update Aug 7, 2011: Two more codes added to the Series 5 sheet – Egyptian Queen and Lizard Man.

Update 2 Aug 7, 2011: It seems Series 5 packs come in different batches. So far I’ve seen  320B1 (from the Danes) and  512B1 (from signature shun in the comments below).

Update 3 Aug 8, 2011: I’m starting to think the printed numbers aren’t that significant when it comes to how to interpret the code. Reading a mega thread on Series 5 over at Eurobricks.com I found post #799 saying this:

Has anyone noticed that there appears to be different sets of bump codes on the bottom of the packs. There are alpha-numeric codes (also on the bottom of the packs) that seem to identify which set the bump codes belong to. So far I’ve encountered “216B1” and “618B1” sets. This has resulted in purchasing duplicates even though the bump codes are different.

That post has a reply, post #802:

It is even worse, this time. Within one batch sent to me (from a shop in Czech Republic) I found two different codes: “120B1” and “319B1” sets.

That should mean we already know of six different batches. It got me to grab two of my Series 4 bags and, indeed, two bags – two different numbers. Repeating the same for two of my Series 3 also resulted in two different numbers. As shun says in the comments below, he has confirmed two different batches of the Boxer figure, but the codes are identical.  I now will concentrate on just trying to collect the codes as best I can and publish all different codes that might show up. Regardless of “batch” numbers.