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I’m a dad. Two of my kids collect those LEGO Minigures (they share the collection). Everytime they bought a figure they already had they got dissapointed and I had to decide wether to buy another secret bag or let them learn an important lesson. I decided to do something about it and created this iPhone app. Now available on AppStore.

Saved me a bundle of cash!! Yes it may take the fun away from the surprise of opening the bag & discovering which one you have, but I’m more than happy to dig through boxes & boxes and looking for that infamous one I’m after! Cheers again, rediscovered my childhood.

-Reviewer WhiteLabel07

For collectors of Lego Minifigures Collectibles (or their parents). Keep track of your collection and get help with avoiding to buy duplicates. Supports Series 1,  2 , 3,  4 and 5. The app is free with support for Series 1 and 2. Series 3 – 5 support are add-ons you can buy in the app. There’s help in the app for revealing the contents of the blind packs. For Series 1 & 2 the app provides a bar code scanner that does the work. With Series 3 & 4 the dot codes on the back of the bags are used and you have to do the scanning work with your eyes and fingers.


MiniCollector Series 5 screenshot

Minifigures in Series 5

Mini Collector FTW

Series 3 support is included in the free version.

Someone made a video of the app:

Thanks to The Millionaire Playboy!

Great, I get to keep the surprise

Of course I couldn’t have made the app without the work done by the people who collected the barcode information. Learn about this work starting from here and at Brickset (where you can also find the barcodes for Series 1 & 2).

Series 3-5 doesn’t have those bar codes, but thanks to FBTB forum member “That guy” we now know that the blind packs still reveal their contents using a Braille-like bump code. This is utilized by Mini Collector to aid in growing your collector for less money.

Series 5 dot codes

Series 5 dot codes

54 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 22:12:13

    I tried to purchase (unlock) series 9 within the app ( unlock full enables support for all collectible series, including future updates) for $0.99 and i received an alert that purchases are not available. I pressed ok and a circle goes around saying purchase in progress that never ends so i cancel. Is there a problem with this update and if you are aware of it when will it be fixed i want to enter my series 9. Thanks in advance for your response and i love your app!


    • PEZ
      Jan 21, 2013 @ 22:29:42

      That is very odd. People are definitely able to buy the unlock (even if all too few choses to do so). Could it have been temporary? The error message sounds a bit like Apple might have had an outage in the purchase service. Please try again and let me know how you fare. I’m super duper happy that you want to buy the unlock!


      • Barbara
        Jan 22, 2013 @ 19:10:19

        I tried again several times on different devices and i am still getting the same. My settings dont restrict in app purchases and i have made them recently and just bought something from app store so i dont think it is me. Are you sure this latest update works. When i installed app it had series 1-8 on it and one update then added 9. The picture on the app is the chicken man but if you look in app store it is the alien princess. Please let me know i would really like series 9. Thanks


  2. raff
    Jan 04, 2013 @ 17:47:44

    how about series 9? when will it be implemented?


    • PEZ
      Jan 05, 2013 @ 09:51:51

      Series 9 support is waiting for approval by Apple. Should be out soon.


  3. Joy
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 23:25:18

    Love the app – we use the checklist when shopping and playing the feeling game.

    Any hope series 8 update will be ready soon?

    Thanks and blessings!!!!!


  4. Vinnie Varsani
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 10:41:56

    I found the app when I started collecting Series 7 recently and it is awesome.

    I mainly use it for the main checklist function, it allows me to keep a track of the extra minifigures that I have and can either trade or sell.

    I can’t wait for the app to be updated for Series 8.

    Thanks again for creating the app, again it is ‘AWESOME’.


  5. Karim
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 23:41:18

    Comment restaurer mon achat de la série 7 sur mon iPad?


  6. Jobe
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 17:46:51

    When are you putting up Series 8?


  7. hypernova888
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 06:38:14

    Please put on series six, I badly want the sleepyhead and don’t want to get something else =)


  8. Kurt
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 06:16:33

    Are you going to add Series 6? Just a checklist would be good!


    • PEZ
      Feb 23, 2012 @ 09:51:45

      Yes, it seems I must. I’m entirely sorry for it not being out there yet. I just haven’t been able to find the time. Or haven’t prioritized this high enough I guess is more correct to say. Just the checklist part, probably, as I get so many angry reviews for the dot codes not helping in identifying the contents.


  9. Sharon
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 08:08:50

    So when will series 6 be added???


  10. Jan Højgaard Mikkelsen
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 19:00:30

    Hi there…. Series 6 ?


  11. Jovani
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 18:53:28

    Hello? Still waiting for a response…lol


  12. steverd
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 20:52:21

    When are you adding Series Six?
    Even if it’s just out as a check list, I know the Dot codes can be different.


  13. Jovani
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 20:51:48

    When are you updating the App to include series 6 minifigures?


  14. Grr
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 01:15:42

    Bleh, I wish I knew that your app didn’t have bar codes for series 5. That’s 2 bucks I won’t be getting back.


    • PEZ
      Dec 19, 2011 @ 22:53:29

      Sorry about that. But what you really wish is that you had reas the app description:

      Mini Collector can reveal the contents of the blind packs of Series 1 and 2 using the extra bar codes and the iPhone camera. For Series 3 – 5 it helps you reveal the contents by using the bump codes printed at the back of the bottom seal. For Series 5 there is also instructions for each figure on how to feel the bags to find them.


  15. bob
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 21:08:23

    PEZ your ignoring me


    • PEZ
      Sep 03, 2011 @ 21:12:21

      Haha, sorry for that. Not intentionally for sure. Please keep posting about your findings.


  16. Lego Série 5 : le guide ultime pour identifier les figurines » Geek Dad Power!
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 13:32:37

  17. Old series jackpot | My LEGO Minifig adventure
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 09:30:28

  18. Spencerfellman
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 02:46:13

    Where are series 5’s?


  19. The Hazey
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 11:14:03

  20. Keith C
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 05:37:51

    Your fisherman bump code is correct for some but I’ve found 10 total, 6 were correct with your codes 4 were completely different, different batch maybe? Thanks.


    • PEZ
      Apr 15, 2011 @ 09:55:10

      Thanks for the report! Could you check if it could have to do with different cuts of the bottom seal? See this article for more on that.


  21. Chemsa8
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 21:15:01

    Votre applicatio est génial ,merci pour les collectionneurs .J’espère que avec la série 4 ça marchera aussi bien.


    • PEZ
      Feb 20, 2011 @ 21:42:33

      Merci beaucoup! Yes, I’m planning to add Series 4 support soon. I wonder if those bags will have any bump codes…


  22. Free iPhone Apps
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 22:58:17

    Marvelous Work, i love the application! I discovered your app on the apple site and I will be adding it to my directory whenever I post my future updates. Hopefully you could get a few downloads from it.


  23. Suggasnapps
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 02:42:35

    I purchased this app on the 1.1 version it worked perfectly, then I updated my iPhone and then it wouldn’t work. The camera froze or just shut down and wouldn’t open.
    I ran the upgrade yesterday and it is now working perfectly.

    I too have written a comment previously about my APP not working but now everything is running excellently….


    • PEZ
      Jan 11, 2011 @ 08:27:08

      Suggasnapps, I totally appreciate the updated review you wrote on the App Store. Thanks!


  24. Mini Collector | Apps Cafe
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 14:34:24

  25. Mitchell
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 03:45:48

    When I open the app it quits on me. I would like to get it fixed or my money back, I not trying to be rude but I don’t want to waste my money.


    • PEZ
      Nov 25, 2010 @ 08:31:51

      I’m sorry to hear that the app does not work for you. What device are you using? I’ve seen on the reviews that people have trouble with it on iPhone 3G. There’s an update of the app in review that I sent to Apple two weeks ago. I’m hoping it should fix the start-up problems. But I am not sure, as I really don’t know what’s causing it.

      Maybe you can wait until the update and then if it doesn’t work file for a refund? Look below in the comments for a guide I found on how that works. Never tried it myself though. (And I hope you won’t have to either.)


  26. RDB
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 06:33:28


    I have an iPhone 3G running 4.1

    The app tries to open for 3 seconds and then goes back to iphone menu.

    I have reloaded numerous times and restarted the phone; no improvement.

    How do I get my money back from apple?


    • PEZ
      Oct 02, 2010 @ 10:31:27

      Yes, as I wrote below I have confirmed this myself now by borrowing a 3G. The pending update will start and work as long as you don’t use scanning feature (which I think is the main reason people want this app…).

      I’ve investigated if I can fix the scanning feature but it seems it’s outside my control, Apple simply doesn’t give the 3G access to the necessary API:s.

      I was about to answer that refunds are not possible, but then I Googled it and found this guide: how to get a refund from appstore. If you try ut, please let me know if that works or not.

      Entirely sorry about the mess I’ve caused for you and other 3G owners. I’ve updated the app info now. I hope that will prevent more people from purchasing this app for their 3G.


  27. StevenW
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 14:39:07

    Having issues on iPhone3g, app will not load past initial loading screen and just jumps back to iphone menu. Have deleted and re-installed several times and rebooted phone. still crashing. Running iOS4.1.

    Looking forward to getting this working.


    • PEZ
      Oct 01, 2010 @ 15:08:58

      Uhh, that’s totally bad. I’ll investigate if I can somehow simulate the 3G hardware to get to know what’s going on. Thanks for letting me know and for trying that reinstall-thing that I previously hoped might help. I’ll update any progress here as soon as I can.


    • PEZ
      Oct 01, 2010 @ 22:06:01

      I have borrowed an iPhone 3G. I can only confirm that the current version of the app doesn’t want to start on it. Now I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the coming version (well, now Apple has held it in review for two weeks so I really don’t know when it’s going to be available) doesn’t crash on start on the 3G. Bad news is that it crashes when I try to use the scanning feature. I hope I can fix that…


  28. Guido
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 22:52:58

    Hi, glad that my barcode pdf sheet could help you out with the information you needed any chance of getting me a download code for the app. you will find my name in the bottom left corner of the pdf pages. I can be pm’d through eurobricks user name grogall or my email, ill be glad to give you all the feedback you need…



    • PEZ
      Oct 01, 2010 @ 07:52:23

      Hello, great to find the maker of those barcode sheets! (I uploaded screen dumps of those sheets to the Collectible Minifigs Facebook group too, hope you don’t mind. People where having trouble finding them (then I realized they were very accessible still at Brickset, but anyway.)

      I’ll see what I can do about that download code. It says they’ll only work for yet unreleased apps. And that they only work in the US store. But maybe we can find something out. I’ll PM you over at Brickset.



  29. ricjones
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 15:25:40

    I used V 1.0 on iPhone 4 – downloaded on phone from app store. I had no graphics on screen.

    No improvement with resetting device (holding home button and standby for 5 seconds)

    I deleted the app, and reinstalled it using iTunes. When I restarted there irt was in all of its graphical goodness!

    Yay. Thanks for this.
    Faster than a speeding crib sheet.


    • PEZ
      Sep 28, 2010 @ 22:19:12

      Good news! Sounds like something went wrong when installing the app the first time. Quite odd. But really good it now works! Please give me a good review. =)


  30. Dan Ryan
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 01:29:02

    Hi, the app loads and then immediately shuts down. I have an iPhone 3Gswith Software Version3.1.3 . Any known issues with this version?


    • PEZ
      Sep 23, 2010 @ 00:20:17

      I don’t think it’s to do with your configuration. It could be that the app corrupts it’s data file under some conditions. Try delete the app from your phone and then reinstall it from AppStore. This should clean away the apps data files so that it can start afresh again. Please let me know if this helps or not.


  31. JohnTan
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 08:46:01

    Your application does not support Iphone3g.When i try to run, it went back to main menu.


    • PEZ
      Sep 21, 2010 @ 08:53:28

      Thanks for letting me know. Sorry about the problem. I’m not entirely convinced this is an iPhone 3G issue though. Actually, it happened to me in the 4G simulator yesterday. Try deleting the app and reinstall it. I’d appreciate to know if that helps or not. What version of iOS do you run?


  32. Ian
    Sep 19, 2010 @ 12:20:38

    I’m trying to use the app on an iPod touch (4th Gen) and simply cannot get it to scan a barcode. I’ve also got RedLaser installed which scans fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the lighting or orientation of the barcode I’m trying to scan. Can you offer any advice? Also I notice the startup screen shows a green box, should this appear when I’m trying to scan because it doesn’t?


    • PEZ
      Sep 19, 2010 @ 17:35:17

      I’ll check if this can be an issue with the ZBar library that I’m using. Yes, it should show a green box when it targets the barcode. If you send me your device id (use contact page) I can send you the app when (well, if) I get an idea about what could fix this. Meanwhile I’ll edit the app info text and warn people that it might not work on 4G Touch. Thanks for letting me know. I’m really sorry it doesn’t work for you.


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